What is the Refund policy?
Refund policy:  A request for refund, less a 15% processing fee, will be honored if requested within seven (7) calendar days of purchase date; however, no refunds will be issued for courses which have been started, completed or expired.  Additionally, for classroom courses, refund requests must be received no later than fourteen (14) days prior to the course start date. 

What are the different course formats available to the student?
We have four formats: Online Instructor-Led, Online Self-Paced Study (CE only), Live Classroom Instruction and Classroom Equivalent Webinars.  For more details, please see

How can the Live Instructor help while the customer is taking the course? Is it 24/7?
When students are in Webinar based classes, the instructor is there the entire time to answer questions. In Online Instructor Led courses, emails go to the instructors. Responses to required activities such as case studies occur twice a day. Prelicensure courses are NOT self study courses! 

What are the course approval numbers?
The course IDs are visible in the course name. You may also consult the NMLS Master Course Catalog for more details.

When do courses expire?
NMLS Approved course purchases are good “forever” as long as we continue offering the course. Once you decide to start an Online Instructor-Led course, you will have a limited time to complete it. Test-Preparation courses are available for 90 days. Once you begin an Online Self Study Continuing Education course, you must complete it by the end of the calendar year. 

What is the passing score for NMLS Pre-licensure and Continuing Education?
For final exams in NMLS education, the required pass rate is 75%.  

Why are the NMLS CE courses so rigorous?
The SAFE Act requires Continuing Education to be completed and the NMLS is taking this seriously.  In the full course specifications, the NMLS ensures seat time by requiring details such as a 6 minute forced logout with no warning as well as including several interspersed activities between the materials review.  For more details and the official NMLS interpretation, Click here

What is the passing score for test preparation?

Our test preparation is set higher because we allow unlimited retakes and have found that after several retakes students begin to memorize the questions.   We want students to know the information, not just the questions we present.  There are thousands and thousands of questions in the NMLS exam database.  Practice exams are designed to force you to re-review text and understand the explanations we give so as to prepare you for similar questions.  

When can I reach technical support?
Technical support is available generally by email at support@mortgageeducation.com and, on weekdays, by phone between 9:00am and 8:00pm Eastern Time at 800-943-7053.

When do I take the NMLS Pre-Licensure exam?
Students may take the NMLS State and National Exams in any order they choose, and may take them before or after completing the Pre-Licensure Education

Are the certificates available upon completion?
If you are not taking these courses for Continuing Education Credit or State Certifications of any Kind, your Certificates will be available to you to Print from your Final exam box located on your “Welcome Page” instantly upon completion of the Final exam

What is your vendor approval number?
Our NMLS Provider ID is 1400051