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The SAFE Act mandates that continuing education can only count for the year it is taken. If you do not complete your CE during the calendar year you wish to apply the education to, then you must take "LATE CE." LATE CE allows you to complete CE in the current calendar year, but apply it to a previous year. Late CE is the same material as last year's CE, but you will need it if either one of the below is true:

  1. Reinstatement. Many states recognize a reinstatement period from January 1 to the end of February each year. During this reinstatement period, MLOs who did not fulfill their CE requirement in the previous year must complete a Late CE course to reinstate their license.
  2. Re-Licensing Getting back into a state or in the industry is not as straightforward as reinstatement – we recommend confirming with your state regulator prior to purchasing; however, we will refund you if your regulator later says you did not need the course. If you were previously licensed and have been instructed to complete CE for the last active license year before re-licensing, you will need to take a Late CE course that will apply to the last year in which you maintained an active license. If you have been out of the industry for 3 or more years, you may need to retake your Pre-licensure again, in which case you will NOT need Late CE. A few states may require Pre-Licensure

If you are unsure what you need, check with the NMLS or your state regulator first!

We report LATE CE courses daily since we know timing is important!

LATE CE is used for either Reinstatement or Re-Licensing only. We understand that sometimes it isn't clear whether you need LATE CE. If you find out you purchased the wrong course, that’s okay. Tell us and we will refund your money!

Where are you licensed?