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CE Online Bundle - Federal + New Mexico (8 Hours)
Price: $129

8 Hour Online CE (Includes NM State Law)

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This course covers SAFE CORE Continuing Education Requirements of 8 hours includes the required CORE of 3 Hours on Federal Law and Regulations, 2 Hours on Ethics and 2 Hours on Nontraditional Mortgages & 1 hour on NM State Law


State Law Requirement - New Mexico

This course satisfies the state-specific continuing education requirement for New Mexico Licensed Mortgage Loan Originators (MLOs). During this 1 hour course, we will provide an overview of the laws and regulations the New Mexico Mortgage Professional must know and abide by.


  • An understanding of Identity theft rules including who must comply with the red flags rule, how to comply and how to administer a red Flags program.

  • An understanding of telemarketing and consumer fraud, the do not call registry, what calls are covered and exemptions for certain organizations

  • An understanding of advertising rules, record keeping requirements for advertisements and examples of how financial institutions may violate these rules

Federal Law

  • An understanding of what is the TILA-RESPA rule and TRID, what transactions are covered, disclosure requirements, tolerance limitations, changes that require re-disclosure,charges subject to zero tolerance.

  • Also have knowledge of Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure timing and delivery requirements, revision and correction requirements.

  • An insight into most common RegZ deficiencies

  • An understanding of RESPA and REG X requirements including Kickbacks and unearned fees, Penalties, Home ownership counseling requirements

  • An working knowledge of Equal Credit Opportunity Act and Fair lending including Prohibited basis for discrimination, disparate treatment, permissible acts, certain notices, and acceptable income in loan review.

  • An understanding of the Gramm-Leach Bliley act including privacy of consumer information, privacy notices and opt-out requirements

Non-Traditional Mortgages

  • An understanding of changes to FHA guidelines in 2021 and how they will effect 2022 originations

  • An understanding of the special rules put in place for COVID relief

  • A knowledge of alternative products, including rehabilitation,

  • Specialty Finance products including affordable housing programs.