Course and Package Description
Comprehensive National Exam Preparation
Price: $199

This Course is a Comprehensive Test-Prep for the SAFE Required National Exam and includes over 1000 questions and comprehensive study materials.  Given the national pass rate is less than 55%, get all the help you can to prepare!

This package includes: 

  • Practice Exams #1, #2 and #3
  • Bootcamp A - Requires you to pass exams #1-#5 and then pass an exam randomized from all 625 questions from all five exams put together 
  • Study guides:
  • Comprehensive Study Guide following non-law portions of the national exam
  • Federal Law Intensive focusing on the hardest part of the exam
  • Uniform State Law Study Guide
  • All materials have unlimited retakes and questions have full explanations

NOTE: This course will help you pass the exam, but does not satisfy the education prerequisite