Course and Package Description
COMPLETE: 20 Hour California Prelicensing with Test Preparation (SAVE $50)
Price: $498 $398

This package contains 20 hours of our Online Instructor-Led NMLS Approved Pre-Licensure education, our Full National Exam Preparation and our California State Exam Preparation.


Part 1:  Full Preparation for the SAFE National Exam


Comprehensive Exam Preparation for the SAFE Required National Exam which includes over 1000 questions and comprehensive study materials.  Given the national pass rate is less than 55%, get all the help you can to prepare!


  • Practice Exams #1, #2 and #3
  • Bootcamp A - Requires you to pass exams #1-#5 and then pass an exam randomized from all 600 questions from all five exams put together 
  • Study guides:
  • Comprehensive Study Guide following non-law portions of the national exam
  • Federal Law Intensive focusing on the hardest part of the exam
  • Uniform State Law Study Guide
  • All materials have unlimited retakes and questions have full explanations

Part 2:  20 Hour Pre-licensure Required NMLS-Approved Education

(Note: state law courses are delivered in an Online Self-Study format)


Online Instructor-Led Core Course

Our Brand New NMLS-approved online pre-licensure course is flexible, relaxing and a key part of your preparatory training!  Just what you need to launch into your career.

    • Just-in-Time. You may enter any time, whether it is 2pm on a Wednesday or 11:59pm on a Sunday!  Just purchase and then start when you want.

    • Immense Flexibility. Once you start you have up to 14 days to finish. Some people finish in only 3 days while others just work nights or over two weekends. This course matches your schedule!

    • Great Instructors.  Instructors guide you through the materials in full video They will also keep pace with you during the course through required case studies and optional discussions.

  • All-New Interactive Material.  With consistent examples and teaching moments in addition to video and slides, we get the most out of the NMLS required outline.