Colorado Division of Real Estate

License Information

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Comprehensive National Exam Preparation
PE Online - Colorado (2 Hours)
BASIC: 20 Hour SAFE PE - Colorado New License Course (NO TEST PREP)
COMPLETE: 20 Hour Colorado Prelicensing with Test Preparation (SAVE $50)
Continue Education

FOR LATE CE, click here.  Note: If you are interested in our webinar or classroom courses, please call.

CE Online 8 Hour Comprehensive
Late CE (2023 and Before) Online 8 Hour Comprehensive
CE Webinar 8 Hour Comprehensive

Education Requirements
Required Courses
Type Pre-Licensure Education
Hours 20
Required Hours SAFE CORE 8 hours
Frequency Once
Type Continuing Education
Hours 8
Required Hours SAFE CORE 7 hours + 1 Hour Elective
Frequency Yearly 12/31
Note: Note: CO requires 8 hours (1hour State Specific) of Late CE for any outstanding CE between 2010-2020