Special Elective Pre-Licensure Courses

Some states have asked MLOs NOT to include state law courses in their 20 hour minimum requirement.  If you need to make up hours, the below NON-STATE Elective PE courses will accomplish your goal!


  Taught in our flexible Online Instructor Led format. Click to purchase.  NO EXTRA Credit Banking Fee.

(For questions, email info@mortgageeducation.com or call 888-570-6770)

2 Hour Elective PE Course - Loans 101 - Online Instructor Led
3 Hour Elective PE Course - FHA 100 - Online Instructor Led
4 Hour Elective PE Course - FedLaw 300 - Online Instructor Led

NMLS Required Format

Online Instructor Led ("OIL"). This education is delivered in the Online Instructor Led format as required by the NMLS for online Pre-Licensure (“PE”) education. It is available on our website through any internet connection. 

Important NMLS specifications include:

  • Defined start and end dates (See Course Calendar).
  • Interaction with the instructor and students through forum activities
  • Progression as a cohort.  At times you will wait for instructor feedback before continuing.

(Note: This is not an “Self-Study” course and does not allow for study at any pace or without instructor/classmate interaction)

Our Unique Modular Lesson Plan. 
  We offer a unique experience by breaking our course down into modules of 2 and 5 hours, each of which can be started at any of defined start times in the course calendar.   A couple of example study plans may be:
  • Example A:  A person new to the industry decides to progress in the recommended order over a two week period.
  • Example B:  An industry veteran finishes all 20 hours in three days, taking the federal law courses first.

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